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Neighbourhood Watch

Dear all,

Please see the below email that I received regarding a "missed delivery". As you can see, the email looks genuinely from Royal Mail and of course at this time of year, it is more likely that we are expecting parcels to be delivered due to Christmas Shopping. The clues that this is a scam is, firstly, the email address it has come from (although it does end in and also that it is asking me to make payment. 

Please do not ever click onto these types of emails as they will ask for your bank details. This is a RED WARNING. Never give out your bank details. If you are not sure, then please do ask a friend or neighbour or forward the mail to me and I will check.

I have forwarded this scam email to Royal Mail but that doesn't mean I won't get another one, so always be vigilant!



Your parcel from Smart Gift Solutions couldn't be delivered on: 20 November, 2022

You need to make payment for your parcel to be delivered

To reschedule delivery and to make payment please follow steps below:

Reschedule delivery

*Please be aware any time or date shown is not a guarantee.

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with the Royal Mail App
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track your parcel?
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