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Neighbourhood Watch

Dear all,

I'm the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for Doddington Village. 

I grew up in Doddington and moved back here with my family a few years ago. I will be emailing you all, hopefully not too often, with any Neighbourhood Watch news that gets passed to me from the Crime Prevention Team at Kent Police.  Likewise, if any of you have any concerns that you would like me to report, please email me on the above address and I can send out an alert to the members on the mailing list (if there is any immediate threat, you should dial 999 or 101 to report a non-urgent crime).

If you need any Neighbourhood Watch literature, which contains information on how to keep your property safe, or a yellow sticker to display in your property, please let me know and I can deliver to you. 

Please see below for the latest updates:

West Downs & East Downs

46/195539/21: At 12:24pm on 2nd of October, male suspects broke into the building site in The Street Bapchild Sittingbourne and stole a jet washer.

46/194757/21: Between 1 and 4:15pm on 3rd of October, car registration plates: KW55 WXL were stolen in School Lane Bapchild Sittingbourne.

46/195150/21: Between 5:30 and 5:42pm on 3rd of October, three passing cars were shot at, possibly with an air rifle along Brogdale Road Ospringe and all were damaged

West Downs & East Downs

46/177886/21: Between midnight and 7 am on 16th of September, horses escaped after unknown persons cut wire fencing at a paddock in Hawks Hill Lane Bredgar Sittingbourne.

46/178581/21: Between 15th and 16th of September, a trespass incident occurred in Lodge Orchard Sharsted Road Doddington Sittingbourne.

46/177639/21: Between 13th and 15th of September, between £7,500 and £8,000 of tools were stolen from a workshop unit in Rodmersham Court Farm Church Street Rodmersham Sittingbourne.

West Downs & East Downs

46/145539/21: Between 10th and 11th of August, 3 tractors were broken into and GPS receivers and computers were stolen from Down Court Farm in Down Court Road Doddington Sittingbourne.

East Downs & West Downs

46/76806/21: Between 6th and 7th of May, 2 vehicles were broken into and several power tools were stolen, in Judds Folly Hotel, Syndale Park Ospringe Faversham.

If you have any information that could help investigators, please contact Kent police on telephone number 101 and quote the relevant Crime Number. For more information on crime prevention visit


Dear all,

Another day, another Scam call. As well as letting me know about these calls, please do report them.

The Police’s own reporting service is:

If the caller is pretending to be from an organisation, ie your bank, then go to your bank’s website and find where to report scam calls (and emails). Some links for the larger banks (some you can report scams to and some just give advice!):




Barclays (can’t report suspected scams, but can check if telephone numbers are genuine):



If the caller says they are from HMRC, report cam calls / emails here:

If it’s an unspecified organisation (ie calling from “your” bank but don’t give the name of the bank or use your name, you can report direct to BT:

I hope all of the above helps. Above all, never give out any personal details such as date of birth, bank account number, NI number and if you are unsure, just hang up the telephone! 

Kind regards,



25th February 2021

I had an email yesterday notifying me of a crime committed here in Doddington. The sender writes:

“Just to make you aware that my daughter had her catalytic converter and part of her exhaust cut off and stolen in the last week (both brand new as she had only had them replaced in the last 2 months).  Car was parked on Chequers Hill – right next to someone’s house – I can only presume they didn’t hear anything although I am yet to speak to them. When I was told about this by local garage they informed me that another car parked over at Northdown also had theirs removed in the last week. Cut away in the same way.”

If anybody has any information on the above, please contact Kent Police - the crime has already been reported by the car owner. The same goes for if you have any CCTV of either incident as this could obviously be very helpful.

Many thanks,


10th February 2021

It has been reported that on Monday afternoon, 2 scruffily dressed young lads were wandering up and down the Main Street in the Village and not responding when politely greeted, instead talking loudly and aggressively into their mobile phones. These things are obviously not a crime, but on a local residents’ Facebook Page, a lady there reports that they were seemingly scouting out her front garden and even went as far as to look in her blue bin (sounds a bit strange, but some people receive package deliveries into their bins, as a “safe place” for deliveries).

Please keep your eyes out for any suspicious activities and keep reporting things to me so I can share them.

Many thanks,

Sally Mills