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Flood Prevention Measures

Many villagers will remember the dreadful flooding which happened a few years ago as a result of a spell of exceptionally heavy rain. A number of homes were flooded and residents sought the help of the Parish Council in trying to ensure that this was prevented in future. Old Lenham Road was a particular problem, as the water ran down the road and into The Street, affecting several homes. The PC initially liaised with Kent Highways in order to get the drainage system in the road fully cleared, cleaned and maintained. Whilst this did make a difference and the drains are now on a 6-monthly maintenance programme, it was clear that more needed to be done to help prevent the water reaching the drains in the first place and causing them to become overwhelmed.

Representatives from the PC have been working with Kent Highways and local landowners, Kevin Attwood and Richard Oldfield, to reach a solution. It was decided that a system of lagoons towards the top of Old Lenham Road would help to "absorb" at least some of the water which runs off the fields etc when it rains heavily. Two of these have been dug, with a third to follow in the next few weeks. The photos and video below show that these appear to be working but this will be monitored by the PC over the next few months.